Founded in 1981, AGAOGLU Textile is one of the leading textile factories exporting its own home-made products to European countries and also subcontracting to many exporters in Turkey

AGAOGLU Textile is an integrated finishing organization. Therefore, the below procedures are made in the company plant:

Printing and plain dying preparation

Desizing, singeing, bleaching, washing, mercerizing


Pigment, reactive and fluid paint


Pigment, reactive, 64 cm, 82 cm, 91 cm and 102 cm rotation, in length of 180 cm, 240 cm and 320 cm


Equalizing, non-wrinkle, Teflon coating

Cloth making

All kind of home textile(quiltcover ,pillowcase fitted sheet ,sheet..)

Cotton weaving, knitting products, and cotton/synthetic fiber mixtures are produced with modern technology.

AGAOGLU TEXTILE has been working for many home textile companies in Europe with its quality Okotex-100 certificate products for a long time. The company shows utmost care for either the environment or the health of consumers.

Due to the combination of many different designs, product sizes, compositions and finishing techniques; we can offer various qualities of quilt cover sheets. With a skilled team and high-tech laboratory works, our aim is always reach to more perfect. Moreover, you can count on the most rapid processing, even in case of special delivery.

Besides reasonable prices, quality is of greatest importancefor us, and we have many satisfied customers all around the world.

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